Nysa Ancient City-Acharaka Sacred Way

Nysa Ancient City -which was established at the foot of the mountain Dionysus was born on- was distinguished as a city of wealth and education.  Another important aspect of the ancient city of Nysa is Acharaka sacred place where the temple dedicated to the god of underworld Hades is located in. People of Nysa reached the Temple of Hades in Acharaka sacred place through the sacred way by setting up festivities and celebrations. The regions rich in geothermal resources have led the way for humanity’s cultural improvement throughout the history. The existence of sulfurous hot water, caves and steam in the region affected the locals of the period, and they created sacred areas dedicated to gods and used them as healing centres.

4 km. long ancient sacred way starts from Nysa and goes through Eskihisar Village and reaches Acharaka sacred place by meandering through olive trees, historical bridges and fountains.