Alangüllü (Bozköy) Hot Springs

Alangüllü hot springs, 9 km away from Germencik District, are located at the foot of Gümüş Mountain. Hot springs have been in use since the 14th century. The water has a mix of sodium chloride-bicarbonate and it is thermo-mineral. If looked at from the perspective of Mediterranean climate variety, the region is suitable in terms of climatic conditions in every season. There is also a mud hot spring in the district, inside the borders Çamköy village. Alangüllü, being one of the few hot springs in Turkey, is the center of attention for both domestic and foreign tourists. Many facilities have been established in the area where the hot springs are located, and they are open to service every season of the year. The hot springs are very suitable for both a peaceful and a therapeutic vacation as they are located inside a forested area.