Çine - Kuloğulları - Yenipazar

After he had conquered Bodrum, Rhodes and Dodecanese, Kanuni Sultan Süleyman passed through Gökbel Pass by way of Bozüyük in 11 January 1523. Passing through Akçaova Village where lies the bathhouse and mosque ruins of Ottoman Era he arrived at Çine Plains and made camp in Altınova Village region. It’s known that he went hunting while his pavilion was being built. In 12 January 1523 he moved on from Altınova to Kasar Village, which houses Ottoman Era fountains. After that, he reached Kalubeyler Village, known as Kuloğulları today, and passed through Uzanbeli Pass. In 13 January 1523 he made camp in Dereköy near Yenipazar District where a tower from Hellenistic Period also resides.