Koçarlı-Cincin Tower

While Kanuni Sultan Süleyman and his army were on their way to Çine through Dalama, Mehmed Bey with his 250 men tribe appeared before Kanuni and declared that he was going to join the campaign as well. The birth of a baby boy in the tent of Mehmed Bey had been seen as an auspicious event by Kanuni Sultan Süleyman, and he named the boy Cihan (lit. World). As a gift he granted the area between Çine Creek, Beşparmak Mountains and Sarı Creek to them, and Cihanoğulları became the mesne lords of the region. Cincin Castle in Cincin Village had been built in this period.

Later on, Dedeköy Mosque, Cihanoğlu Mosque in the centre of Koçarlı, Cihanoğlu Mansion and Tower, Cihanoğlu Mosque and Madrasah in downtown Aydın had been built. Another important aspect of the family is that the structures that had been built in their period are pioneer examples of Turkish Baroque arts. What makes it even more important is that this style had been used in Aydın long before the Turkish Baroque art examples appeared in Istanbul.