Serçin Ecotourism Centre

Located in the borders of Lake Bafa, Aydın and Muğla Provinces, it's a natural park which is frequently a topic of interest due to its natural, historical and environmental importance. Lake Bafa, which is quite shallow, is one of the important bird sanctuaries of Turkey. On the shore of Lake Bafa, in order to protect and introduce the natural beauty of Serçin which earns its livelihood from agriculture and fishing, Aydın Metropolitan Municipality realized the "Lake Bafa Recreation Area Project." As part of this project, Serçin Ecotourism Centre was opened in Serçin Neighborhood on Lake Bafa's shore. Eel is an important income source for Serçin and the villages around Lake Bafa. The eel that hatch every year in Saragossa Gulf of Mexico reach Lake Bafa after they mature. The visitors that come to this place can buy eel as well as fish such as bass and grey mullet from Serçin or they can eat some at local restaurants in the region.

Serçin Ecotourism Centre, in order to develop different ecotourism activities in the region, put some activities into practice such as; bicycle tours with free bikes, hiking with trained guides, camping, and birdwatching. During the bicycle tour cycled between Serçin-Kışlak and Sobran locale it's possible to see fortifications, castles, cemeteries and monasteries from Byzantine Period.