Historical Kavaklı Village

Kavaklı Village is located 8 km. northwest of Sultanhisar District which is 30 km. east of Aydın. Kavaklı Village, which is located 5 km. away from Nysa Ancient City, is in close touch with the ancient city ever since antiquity. Many water resources in close proximity to the village carry traces from ancient period.

There is a mosque which was built in 1795 in the center of the traditional Turkish village Kavaklı. Among the mountain village mosques, this mosque is one of the most important ones with its distinguishing engravings.

There are many water fountains in and around the village from ancient period. Among them the most important one is the fountain that is located in the centre of the village and named “Frenk Çeşmesi” (lit. Frankish Fountain) by the locals. The most striking aspect of this fountain is that the water flows cold in summer and warm in winter seasons. In addition there are many historical houses in the village. Among these exemplary houses of Classical Turkish architecture the house that belongs to Hamit Eryiğit has a history of about 200 years. This house is prominent with its architectural features. Another historical house inside the village is the house where one of the Kuvay-i Milliye heroes Yörük Ali Efe was born and it is in use as “Yörük Ali Efe Museum” nowadays.

When Kavaklı Village’s history is researched further it can be seen that it was a centre of attraction which produced wine for Nysa Ancient City and traded with many other cities. Today, city produces olive, olive oil, chestnut and figs.