Milteus Ancient City

The city which is located in Didim District near Balat village is 10km. inland because its harbor was swamped by the Meander River. The city, that has been a settlement ever since the Bronze Age, was established in the 11th century BC. It’s the first place where grid planning was used.  Ancient world’s capital Miletus is the place where philosophy was born. Miletus, the place Thales of the Seven Sages lived is also the place Battle of Lade (494 BC) was fought, the first naval battle in history.  Isidorus, one of the two architects of Hagia Sophia, was from Miletus. It’s known that in 51 AD St. Paul lived in Miletus for a while. Prominent structures in the city are an ancient theater with 15.000 spectators capacity, agora building, and Faustina Baths. St. Michael Church which was built on the Temple of Dionysus is also in this city. Inside the city borders there is the Balat İlyas Bey Mosque with one of the largest domes in Anatolia during Menteshe Beyliks Period.