Myous Ancient City

Myous City is 30 km. away from Söke and it’s one of the Ionian city states. Strabon mentions that the city was established by King of Athens Codrus’ son Kydrelos. City’s name can be seen in Attica-Delos Sea Union’s membership records. Herodotus writes that Persion Navy anchored offshore of this city in 499 BC and Myous harbor was big enough to accommodate 200 warships. According to Herodotus City of Myous participated in Battle of Lale (lit. Tulip) Island with three warships in 494 BC. When the city harbor got blocked up by alluvion restricting the already limited trade in the city, people of the region left for Miletus and the city was completely abandoned. At the present time fortification walls that date back to ancient period, a 13th century Byzantine Castle, and white marble pieces of a temple that’s thought to be dedicated to god of wine Dionysus can be seen in the city