Lake Aşağı Dip

Lake Aşağı Dip, Located in Yenipazar District, is a natural lake formed by detaching from parts of The Meander. It's about 50000 m², and it's nourished by underground and seasonal above-ground sources.

Lake Aşağı Dip, covered by reeds, is an ecosystem that provides resting and living space to migratory and local birds. The lake and its surroundings is home to grey heron, coot, wild goose, and some duck species. Yenipazar District, the only "Cittaslow" in Aydın, provides us with a natural living space with Lake Aşağı Dip which was promoted by Aydın Metropolitan Municipality. Lake Aşağı Dip, an important part of the region's natural beauty, is an important place for both fishing and tourism. The visitors that come to this place can take photographs, hike and angle; and they can observe wild geese, ducks, grey and white herons from the bird watching tower in the silence of nature.