By its ancient name Latmus (Beşparmak Mountains in the present day), is located east of Lake Bafa, inside the borders of Aydın and Muğla Provinces. In Latmus, which is one of the oldest massive (a rock unit that is homogeneous in texture, fabric, and appearance.) areas in Turkey, marvel to behold, interesting rock formations has come to existence with the erosion of time over 550 million year old gneiss.

The 8000 year old cave paintings in Latmus date back to late Neolithic period. These cave paintings, that can be rarely seen in the world, have the importance to shed light to history of humankind's prehistoric era. Contrary to other examples, in these cave paintings the main themes are spring festivals, weddings, humans and human communities instead of war and hunt scenes. These cave paintings that deals with society and human relationships are symbols of peace and tranquility in this land.

Latmus maintained its mythological importance in Ancient Greek Period as well, and the Greeks believed that their chief god Zeus lived on this mountain. In the same period the story of the immortal love affair between goddess of moon Selene and shepherd Endymion also took place here.

Latmus, known as Latros in Byzantine Era, had been a monastery mountain the monks considered holy for protection and religious seclusion purposes. The monastery and the seclusion cave where St. Paul the New lived in can still be visited today.

Latmus, surrounded by cave paintings, ancient cities, and monasteries, stands out with its natural beauty, wildlife, and idiosyncratic architecture. Aydın Metropolitan Municipality, in order to protect this mountain system and introduce it to the world, operationalized "Latmus Visitor Centre" in Karakaya Village of Latmus as a part of "Lake Bafa Recreation Area Project." While the visitors that come to this place may hike in Latmus, they can also visit the Latmus Visitor Centre and go on a virtual trip to the location of cave paintings and Latmus' unique geography via touch screens and 3d virtual reality glasses.