Alinda Ancient City

Located in Karpuzlu District, Alinda Ancient City is one of the important Carian cities. After she had been expelled from Halicarnassus by her brother Pixodarus, Hecatomnus' daughter Ada retreated to Alinda in 340 BC and made the city a capital for herself. The city coins had Heracles portraits engraved on them, and the city was characterized as the city that mints silver coins and "The toughest city of Caria".  Alexander the Great's passage by this region during his east campaign caused the Alinda City to be named Alexandria for a while. During this period the city of Alinda adopted Greek culture, the city then went on to be an influential city in Roman Period as well and kept minting coins on its own behalf until the 3rd century AD. During the Byzantine Period, Alinda became an eparchy centre subsidiary to Aphrodisias Metropolitan Bishop. The most important structures in the city are the agora, theatre, aqueduct and the palace.