Güvercinada Castle

Located in the Kuşadası District centre, and one of the district’s symbols, the castle was built on a location which protected and oversaw the harbor from its position at the mouth of the Gulf of Kuşadası. The castle was renovated and opened to public. The structure also boasts an inner castle and walls. Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha had an inner castle built, and İlyas Ağa had the walls built. The purpose of the castle, which is quite popular due to its location and history among both foreign and domestic tourists, was to stop potential attacks from the islands and the sea during the Morea Revolt. The walls had been built about 3m high to completely surround the island from all sides. The castle now has display areas that introduces natural vegetation and sea creatures. Furthermore a whale’s skeleton whose body washed ashore in Güzelçamlı years ago is being exhibited in its original form.