Karacasu - Kahvederesi Plateau

Total Distance: 3 km

Average Time: 1 hour

Starting Elevation: 530 m

Highest Elevation: 770 m

Difficulty: Easy


Transportation to the Starting Point of the Route

Aydın – Karacasu: 85 km (Bus Route 302/215 and inter-district dolmush)

Nazilli – Karacasu: 40 km (Bus Route 215 and inter-district dolmush)

Kuşadası – Karacasu: 143 km (Bus Route 403/302/215 and inter-district dolmush)


Route Details

Kahvederesi Plateau, located 3 km West of Karacasu District, is a place worth seeing with its natural beauty, mountain houses, and various tree-plant species. In Karacasu, which is a hot spot for highland tourism with its multicolored mountain houses, there are many Plateaus such as Nacipınar, Ballıpınar, Dedebağı, Gökbel, Dikmen, Ozanlı, and Gürlek. The plateaus, seasonally populated by the locals who want to escape sweltering summer heat, are also visited by both domestic and foreign tourists. We recommend that you taste region’s unique tandır (pit roasted lamb) if you ever visit this place.