Karakaya – Karadere Cave

Total Distance: 4 km

Average Time: 2 hours

Starting Elevation: 250 m

Highest Elevation: 450 m

Difficulty: Hard


Transportation to the Starting Point of the Route

Aydın – Karakaya Village: 64 km (Bus Route 404 and inter-district dolmush)

Söke – Karakaya Village: 40 km (Bus Route 405-273 and inter-district dolmush)


Route Details

In Karakaya Village, located 40 km southeast of Söke District, you can visit Latmos Visitor Centre, which was opened by Aydın Metropolitan Municipality’s initiative, to gather detailed information about the region. You can take a tour of Latmos, which has a history of 8000 years, in virtual environment with 3D VR goggles. After stopping by at the visitor centre, you can go on a guided tour of Karadere Cave where a weather god is portrayed, and at the same time enjoy the scenery of Latmos and Lake Bafa.