Yamaç Village – Magnesia on the Maeander

Total Distance: 22 km

Average Time: 5 hours

Starting Elevation: 350 m

Highest Elevation: 720 m

Difficulty: Medium


Transportation to the Starting Point of the Route

Aydın – Yamaç Village: 7,5 km (Bus Route 402 and inter-district dolmush)

Kuşadası – Yamaç Village: 29,5 km (Bus Route 404 and inter-district dolmush)


Route Details

If you walk east through the mountain road from Söke District’s Yamaç village, you’ll arrive at the fountain locally known as “Kara Mahmud” where you can take a break under the shade of the historical sycamore tree located here. If you follow the road that goes through the sycamore forest, you can see Söke Castle which was built for border defense in Byzantine Period and seized by Turkmen Beys from Spanish soldiers. From Söke Castle you can enjoy the view of Menderes (Meander) Delta, Gulf of Kuşadası and Samos Island. If you continue on through the sycamore trees, you’ll reach ancient city of Magnesia where you can visit the ruins of the city as well as the undamaged stadium.