Efeler/Aydın City Centre

Aydın is one of the Ghazi (war veteran) cities, and it is the only city which was liberated twice during the war of independence. Its first liberation is a legend of its own.

First liberation took place when the machine gun mounted on top of the Bey Mosque’s minaret by Greeks had been stopped. Getting rid of this machine gun which slaughtered everything on its path meant that the biggest obstacle in front of the city’s liberation eliminated. This was made possible by Yörük Ali Efe who is widely known for his Malgaç Raid. Yörük Ali Efe rained bullets on the hardly visible machine gun on the Bey Mosque’s minaret which killed everyone who ventured too close. His action made the machine gun unusable, and eliminated the biggest obstacle in front of city’s liberation.

In order to remind the future generations of this event that would forever remain in memories of people of Aydın, Aydın Municipality erected the Monument of Martyrs at the intersection point of Menderes and Hükümet Boulevards in 1926.

The North Face of the Monument: “Visitor! Stop in front of this monument, think about the ones who bid farewell to love and dreams for their country” 7 September 1338 (1922)

The West Face of the Monument:  “This place is a sanctuary of the sacred Turkish people who fell martyr for independence and liberty” 7 September 1338 (1922)

The South Face of the Monument: “This place is a sanctuary of the Turkish who wrote the history of independence with their blood” 7 September 1338 (1922)

The East Face of the Monument: “This place is the hometown of the orphans of heartsick grandmothers, don’t forget them” 7 September 1338 (1922)