Erbeyli Martyr’s Cemetery

Erbeyli Train Station in İncirliova is one of the important stations in the history of national struggle. This is the place of the second raid against the enemy.

The commander of the Erbeyli Raid was national struggle hero Lieutenant Kadri Bey. He observed that Erbeyli was completely invaded including the train station, and decided that the most optimal place for the raid was the train station. As a product of thorough planning the raid succeeded; but the price was many martyrs and wounded. On the monument erected at this place the, martyrs are listed with their hometowns.

The North Face of the monument: “Friend! Don’t forget the heroes who fired the first shots against the attackers of the motherland. Those heroes, reading these verses, gifted their lives to the country”

The Verse: “Pure Turks do not surrender to the enemy, a Turk without liberty does not need a country” 21 June 1919