Malgaç Raid (Malgaçemir)

Malgaç Raid has a distinguished place among the raids against Greek invading forces in Aydın and its surroundings in terms of its preparation and after effects. In 11 June 1919, while Yörük Ali Efe and his gang were going to Yenipazar District’s Donduran Village from Dalama they ran into five Greek youths. He asked them to tell the Greek commander that they were going to go to Sultanhisar and surrender in a couple of days. Couple of days later Yörük Ali Efe and his gang blew up the Malgaç Bridge and the railway which was protected by a Greek force of 20 men, and raided and destroyed the Greek unit. With this raid Yörük Ali Efe became a legend.

Malgaç Raid is considered as the first raid against an enemy which had been conducted in an orderly and conscious manner with national conscience behind it in West and South Anatolia. Malgaç Bridge, the place of the raid, is 1,5 km away from Sultanhisar and it can still be used today.